Who is
Mr. Theme Park?


Mr. Theme Park is….Dennis Speigel

Dennis never looked back after catching the amusement park fever as a 13-year-old boy taking tickets at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in 1959. After working his way up the ranks of amusement park management, and personally developing two new theme parks (Kings Island in Ohio and Kings Dominion in Virginia), he found himself overseeing the development of amusement and theme parks internationally for Taft Broadcasting. It was this experience that led him to establish his own global consulting company. Dennis founded his company, International Theme Park Services (“ITPS") in 1983, and put his lifetime of experience to work. For over 50 years now, Dennis has loved this great industry passionately and continues to learn daily, while imparting his knowledge and wisdom to his peers, colleagues, friends, and business associates.

“We work in a great industry. We don’t pollute the skies and we don’t contaminate the streams. At the end of the day, what we really do is put smiles on people’s faces.”

Dennis Speigel - aka “Mr. Theme Park"


Fun Is A Serious Business...

…..and has been at International Theme Park Services for over 32 years. Taking their company motto to heart, Dennis and his team enjoy their jobs, but also understand that planning and operating theme parks is a very serious business. Their years of service has led to daily interaction with theme parks, leisure attractions, zoos, water parks, ride vendors, and attraction suppliers, and has included working with some famous names such as Bill Hanna (Hanna-Barbera) and Jim Davis (Garfield).

The company’s motto has allowed them to grow globally and to become the leisure industry’s leading independent, full-service consulting firm. ITPS is uniquely qualified to assist in all aspects of entertainment and leisure project development.

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Dennis Speigel said that...

Dennis Speigel has been quoted in thousands of newspaper articles and news media outlets. Where has he been quoted?

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Dennis Speigel has also written numerous articles about the leisure industry.

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Over 500 Projects in
50 Countries

That’s a lot of Frequent Flyer miles throuhout the years accumulated by Dennis Speigel.

Where in the world has Dennis been? What projects has he and ITPS worked on through the years? Amusement / theme parks, aquariums, zoos, entertainment centers, leisure destinations and more!

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Kings Island Hall of Fame Inductee

Dennis Speigel was one of the original inductees into the Kings Island Hall of Fame. Wait, is that Carmen Electra next to him? You have that correct - she was also one of the inaugural inductees.

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The plate says it all.

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